The EZ Pump & Can is one of the newest labor savers from Esch Construction Supply. The EZ Pump & Can eliminates the need for a second person to pump water to your saw or core drill. NO MORE MANUAL PUMPING! The pump has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged with an A/C charger.


The 3 gal. tank is made from a rigid plastic that is designed in the shape of a teardrop. With a 10ft poly hose placed at an optimal location to increase the stability of the can to decrease the chance of it tipping over. The pressure release valve on the back allows you to safely release internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer. Lastly, the Quick-Connect attachment can connect to any gas saw, electric saw, battery-powered saw or core drill rig for a water delivery system.

Esch EZ Pump and Can Labelled


The EZ pump is a battery-operated pressurizer that automatically pumps water when the optimal pressure level is reached. This eliminates the need for the extra person to pump water to the equipment. The EZ pump battery can pump up to 15 gallons on one battery charge. Charge the battery with any A/C charger!

Pump Zero Head and Charger with Esch Branding



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Cut-off saws are a powerful tool for contractors to cut concrete, asphalt, pipe, and more. How do you choose between gas-powered, corded electric, and battery-powered saws that best fit your project? Each saw has advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right type of saw depends on the level of power and mobility required, and ease of operation. 


Gas-Powered Cut-Off Saw

Gas-powered cut-off saws are the most powerful style of cut-off saws and are designed for the toughest jobs. They are available in various sizes from 12" to 18" to cut material like concrete, asphalt, and steel. Although gas-powered saws are heavier, they offer great mobility and wield more power. Gas-powered saws require less initial investment to buy. They require constant refueling with gas and oil mix and usually have a higher repair cost than electric and battery-powered saws.

Husqvarna Cut-Off Saw Husqvarna K970

Husqvarna Gas Cut-Off Saws >



Gas Cut-Off Saw Pros
βœ… More power and faster-cutting speed
than electric or battery-powered cut-off saw

βœ… Longer run times
βœ…Wide variety of cut-off saw models


Gas Cut-Off Saw Cons
🚫 Louder and expend exhaust fumes while running

🚫 Requires constant gas/oil refueling

🚫 Heavier and less mobility


Corded Electric Cut-Off Saws

Electric cut-off saws are easy to start, lightweight power cutters perfect for cutting concrete, asphalt, and stone. They offer a lower upfront cost and don't need to be consistently refueled. They do often require an extension cord to increase mobility due to its cord.  These saws are ideal for general purpose jobs, specifically indoor applications because the operator can work with zero emissions.

Husqvarna Electric Cut-Off saw K4000 Wet

Electric Cut-Off Saws >

Corded Electric Cut-Off Saw Pros
βœ… Great tool for concrete or masonry

βœ… Lightweight and easy to transport

βœ… Easy to start

βœ… Requires very little maintenance


Corded Electric Cut-Off Saw Cons
🚫 Needs an accessible power source

🚫 Corded saws have limited mobility

🚫 Not for heavy industrial use

🚫 Louder than battery saws


Battery Powered Cut-Off Saws

Battery-powered cut-off saws are the lightest and provide the most mobility of the cut-off saws. Being powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, these saws are low-maintenance tools but will need to be recharged between projects. Battery-powered saws are very easy to start, making them a go-to saw for any contractor with the right application. These saws are ideal for cutting indoor and residential areas due to zero-emissions and quieter noise. 

Stihl Battery Powered Cut-Off Saw Stihl TSA 230

Battery Powered Cut-Off Saws >

Battery-Powered Cut-Off Saw Pros
βœ… Lightweight and easy to transport

βœ… Easy to start

βœ… Requires very little maintenance


Battery-Powered Cut-Off Saw Cons
🚫 Least powerful style of cut-off saw

🚫 Battery-Powered saws only last about an hour

🚫 Shallower cutting depth than other cut-off saws 


Cut-Off Saw Overview

  Gas Powered 
Cut-Off Saw
Corded Electric 
Cut-Off Saw
Cut-Off Saw
Horsepower 5.0-6.7 hp 2.4 & 5 hp N/A
Weight ~20-28 lbs ~16-18 lbs ~12-12 lbs
Price Range $899-$1600 $927 & $1785 Bare Tool Only: $400-$544



The best way to stay efficient on the job site is by minimizing downtime. Choosing the wrong blade to put on your cut-off saw can waste an entire day if you aren’t careful. Knowing what equipment, you are cutting with, when you are cutting, and what material you are cutting can eliminate any confusion when selecting your diamond blades.

1. What Material Are You Cutting?

Diamond blades are made with different levels on bonded segments, hard and soft. To get the most out of your diamond blade, the segment and blade should be matched to the material it will cut. Being able to identify the type of material to be cut and the aggregate of the material can extend the life of your diamond blade drastically.

2. What Equipment Are You Using?

Understand that the horsepower you are cutting with impacts the productivity and longevity of your diamond blade. The size of the blade should match the saw’s maximum horsepower. Cutting with a saw that runs too fast can cause the diamond blade to glaze over and get too hot. Cutting with a saw that runs too slow greatly affects the productivity and effectiveness of your diamond blade.

3. What is Your Depth of Cut?

Know how deep you need to cut before selecting your diamond blade allows for a more precise and accurate cut. The maximum cutting depth of a blade depends on the saw type and the saw’s components. Blade guards and motor housings can decrease the maximum depth of cut you can make with a blade.

4. Are you Wet or Dry Cutting?

Knowing whether you need to use water with your diamond blade is important when selecting a blade. Any blades that are designed to cut wet MUST be used with water, while blades that are designed to cut dry can be used to cut both wet and dry.

Wet Cutting Concrete
Wet cutting is one of the most effective ways to cut concrete, masonry, stone, or even asphalt. Dust exposure is kept to a minimum and your diamond blade is less likely to overheat. The key is using the right amount of water. The slurry should almost have a chocolate milk consistency to it. 

Phil White- Esch Construction Supply


5. Can I get more longevity from my Diamond Blade?

A diamond blade's life depends on many different variables. One key factor of a diamond blade's life is the quality of the diamond blade. Diamond blades have different concentrations and quality of diamonds within the segments. A blade with a higher concentration and quality of diamonds will perform better and last longer. Another factor is the material you are cutting.  Make sure that your blade is the right spec for the aggregate you are cutting. Cutting a hard material like concrete will need a softer bonded segment in the blade than one used when cutting a more abrasive material like asphalt. A harder material requires more diamonds to be exposed in the segment. Soft bonded segments allow the diamonds to rise to the top to be exposed and grind away the material quickly. You could use a blade designed for hard material for asphalt, it will cut fast, but the diamond blade won't last long. 

The saw that you're are using also makes a difference in the life of your blade. A saw with a higher RPM will wear a blade faster than a saw with low RPM. The saw operator plays a big role in the longevity of the blade. Applying too much pressure on the blade tends to wear the segments down faster than someone applying minimal pressure. 


Final Tips for Longer Life

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