Best Practices for Gas-Powered Cut-Off Saws

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Gas Cut-Off Concrete Saws, commonly referred to as hand-held saws, power cutters, chop-saws, or concrete saws, are essential tools for concrete contractors. They are designed to take on the toughest tasks and offer the most portability as possible.

Check out the following list of best practices to get the most productivity from your cut-off concrete saw.

Cut-Off Saw Best Practices

1. Fill your saw with fresh, quality fuel with little to no ethanol (non-oxygenated gas/ 89 octane or higher) this will improve saw performance and extend the life of your concrete saw 

2. Use 2 cycles of synthetic oil to help prolong the life of your concrete saw. Synthetic oils have better purity and stability so they outperform conventional oils. Bottom Line: You Get What You Pay For.


3. Run your saw out of fuel before storing it for the winter. Always use fresh, properly mixed fuel in the spring. 


4. Clean your saw after every use to avoid the build-up of dust or slurry from cutting. 


5. Replace your air filter only when your saw starts to lose power during the cut. Early replacement, blowing out, or cleaning the filter can damage pistons or the cylinders because of the dirt ingestion.

6. Inspect your saw for cracks in the blade guard and belt guard, missing feet, and working guard stops, before running your concrete saw.


7. Inspect your diamond blade for cracks in the segments or gullet. Inspect your abrasive blades for fraying or misshaping. Inspect the flange for excessive wear, sharp edges, and missing tabs. Replace both the diamond blades and flange if necessary before running your concrete saw.


8. Do not run the concrete saw with the throttle wide open for more than 10 seconds while not under load.


9. Use the saw blade with the correct arbor size for safety and to get the best performance out of your saw.


10. Use water when cutting concrete and asphalt to avoid silica dust exposure. Too Much expose can cause silicosis, a serious lung disease.

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Stihl cut-off saws are low-maintenance concrete saws that are portable and easy to use. The grip style minimizes the vibration levels of the saw reducing operator fatigue. Every gas-powered Stihl saw comes with standard features including an X2 air filtration system that cleans 99.96% of intake air before it even gets to the engine. This will help keep your Stihl saw off the repair bench. Stihl concrete saws also have an advanced fuel-efficient engine for optimal cutting performance. Stihl gas-powered, electric, and battery-powered concrete saws are designed for clean and smooth concrete cutting. Benefits include a lightweight body, a smooth-running engine, and virtually maintenance-free filters. Cut with confidence with these high-speed Stihl concrete saws.


Best Practices for Gas-Powered Cut-Off Saws

Gas Cut-Off Concrete Saws, commonly referred to as hand-held saws, power cutters, chop-saws, or concrete saws, are essential tools for concrete contractors. They are designed to take on the toughest tasks and offer the most portability as possible.

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