About Soff-Cut® Early-Entry Blades

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March 11, 2024 at 4:38:31 PM PDT March 11, 2024 at 4:38:31 PM PDTth, March 11, 2024 at 4:38:31 PM PDT

Explore Soff-Cut early-entry concrete blades, a revolutionary technology in concrete cutting. Minimize random cracking in concrete thanks to this new concrete cutting technique.

What are Soff-Cut® Early-Entry Blades?

Soff-Cut blades are specially designed for early-entry concrete sawing. Specifically designed for trap-rock, chert, quartz, and limestone aggregate concrete. They have a specific triangle-shaped arbor that is designed to fit the soff-cut machines from Husqvarna.

The purpose of using soff-cut blades is to minimize the risk of random cracking in concrete. The high production rate and the ability to cut the same day make soff-cut the best option for cutting green concrete.

Selecting Your Soff-Cut Blades


The type of early-entry blade you need depends on the concrete's aggregate. Concrete can have different levels of hardness and friability. Because hard aggregate dulls segment bonds more quickly, the bonds generally need to be softer when cutting hard aggregate. Softer aggregate will not dull the segment bond as quickly, so harder segment bonds are needed to hold the diamonds in place long enough to be used at full potential.

Make sure you are selecting the right Soff-Cut blade based on the timing of your cut and the aggregate of the material you are cutting. Check out our Early-Entry Concrete Blade Selection Guide.

Breaking in a Soff-Cut® Early-Entry Blade


Before making any cuts, you must break in your Soff-Cut blade. To ensure a long-lasting blade, you need to know how to properly prepare them. The reason for this is to expose the diamonds that are in the blade's segment. These are the diamonds that grind down the material you are cutting.

Steps to Break in Your Soff--Cut Ealry-Entry Blade:

1) Put your Soff-Cut Blade on the saw.

2) In the material you are cutting, run your Soff-Cut saw at 50% RPM for 15-30 feet.

This technique allows the blade to "warm-up" and exposes the diamonds in the segments.

3) Raise the RPMs back up to 100% and continue cutting like normal.

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