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Concrete Cutting Tips: Concrete Joint Protectors

Joint protectors are essential when cutting concrete to prevent cracks and damage in the surrounding structures. Green concrete is a rigid material that tends to crack when subjected to stress. Joint protectors serve two main purposes during concrete cutting:

  1. Control and manage cracking:

    Concrete expands and contracts with temperature changes and moisture variations. If you cut concrete without considering its natural movement, it may crack unpredictably, leading to structural problems and compromising the integrity of the concrete. Joint protectors help create controlled joints, also known as expansion joints or saw cuts, which allow the concrete to naturally expand and contract without causing uncontrolled cracks.

  2. Stress relief:

    Concrete cutting can induce stress in the remaining concrete around the cut area. By strategically placing joint protectors, the stress is concentrated at the joint lines, preventing it from affecting the surrounding structures. This is particularly crucial in large concrete slabs or pavements where stress concentration could lead to significant cracking.

Blue Concrete Joint Protectors for 12" and 14" x .120" (150 Pack)


Red Concrete Joint Protectors for 6", 8", and 10" x 100" (150 Pack)


The spacing and depth of the joints, as well as the use of joint protectors, depend on various factors, including the type of concrete mix, environmental conditions, and the intended use of the concrete structure. Properly planned and executed joint protection during concrete cutting is essential to ensure the long-term durability and functionality of the concrete surface.

Experiencing Ravelled Concrete Joints?

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