Husqvarna Soff-Cut x150 6.5" Early-Entry Concrete Saw

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The Husqvarna Soff-Cut x150 Concrete Saw - Your Precision Cutting Solution!

Husqvarna Soff Cut x150 6.5" Early Entry Green Concrete Saw is designed for residential and light commercial applications. The Soff-Cut 150 is designed for ease of use and convenience to minimize the risk of random cracks in green concrete. The Soff-Cut 150 cuts with minimal dust and low noise levels. This soff cut saw has a mechanical blade depth control and easy pull-start engine. The x150 is ideal for light commercial applications, such as parking lots or driveways.

Soff-Cut Blade Color Chart

Esch Next Day Pink Blade
(next day concrete)

Esch ProCut Purple Blade
(same day concrete)

Husqvarna Soff-Cut is a unique patented system for early entry concrete sawing. This technology enables concrete to be cut within the first one or two hours of finishing and before final set. Husqvarna Soff-Cut® provides the best solution for minimizing the risk of random cracking, and it simplifies the working process, compared to conventional sawing.

Key Features

  • 4.8 HP Honda Engine with cyclone air filter
  • Easy Pull-Start Engine
  • Patented low-noise and low-dust blade block enclosure.
  • Mechanical blade depth control
  • Folding Handle for easy transportation
  • Non-marking and non-stick polyurethane wheels.
  • Patented Soff-Cut Traingle Arbor

Key Specifications

Maximum Blade Diameter6.5"
Maximum Cutting Depth1.5"
Output Power4.8 hp
Power SouceGas

Why Choose the Husqvarna x150 Soff-Cut Saw?

The x150 is a precision concrete cutting tool that delivers excellent relief cuts in green concrete. Reduce the risk of random cracks and preserve the structural integrity of your concrete surface. Equiped with a robust 4.8 hp Honda Engine, the x150 effortlessly handles early-entry cutting jobs like concrete sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots.

Key Takeaways

New 4.8 HP Honda EngineDust-Free Blade BlockMechanicl Blade Depth Control
Easy TransportationEasy Pull-Start EngineMax Cutting Depth 1.5"

The Husqvarna X150 Soff-Cut Saw will enhance your concrete cutting capabilities by reducing the risk of random cracking in concrete. If you are a professional concrete contractor, the Husqvarna x150 is the best choice for precision, performance, and durability. Take your concrete cutting to the next level with Husqvarna's patented Soff-Cut Saws.

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Powered ByGas
Max Blade Size6.5"
Max Cutting Depth1.5"
Power hp4.8 hp
ArborSoff-Cut (Triangular)
Motor/Engine Honda
Weight)84 lbs

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