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Common Diamond Blade Myths & Facts

Diamond blades are a niche tool that involves several steps and expertise to manufacture.  Understanding their capabilities and limitations, as well as using them properly will help ensure safe and effective cutting.

Myth: All diamond blades are the same.

Fact: Diamond blades come in various sizes and types, each suitable for specific materials and cutting applications. Some are designed for cutting concrete, while others are better for cutting tile, granite, asphalt, or other materials. Choosing the right blade for your application is essential for optimal cutting performance and longevity.


Myth: Wet cutting is always better than dry cutting with diamond blades.

Fact: Both wet and dry cutting have their advantages. Wet cutting helps to control dust, reduce heat, and prolong blade life, especially when cutting concrete. Some instances may require dry cutting to avoid water-related issues. The choice between wet and dry cutting depends on the material being cut and the job site conditions.


Myth: Diamond blades can only cut hard materials.

Fact: Diamond blades are designed to cut a wide range of materials, ranging from hard to soft. Some blades are developed to excel at cutting hard materials like concrete, stone, and masonry while some are specifically designed for cutting softer materials like asphalt, green concrete, or abrasive materials. We stock diamond blades for all different types of materials - shop our extensive blade selection.


Myth: Higher diamond concentration means better performance.

Fact: The diamond concentration on the blade is an important factor for performance, but higher is not always better. Diamond blades with very high diamond concentration may result in faster cutting initially, but they can also cause more rapid wear and potentially lead to shorter overall blade life. The ideal diamond concentration depends on the material being cut and the specific application.
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Myth: Cheaper diamond blades are just as good as expensive ones.

Fact: The quality of diamond blades can vary significantly between manufacturers and price points. Cheaper blades may have lower diamond quality, less precise bonding, and inferior materials, leading to a shorter lifespan and poorer cutting performance. It's important to invest in a high-quality diamond blade suitable for your cutting needs.


Myth: Diamond blades don't need maintenance.

Fact: While diamond blades are designed for durability, proper maintenance and inspection are essential to ensure their longevity and performance. Cleaning the blade after use, avoiding overheating, and following the manufacturer's guidelines for storage and handling will help extend the blade's life and maintain cutting efficiency.


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