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Winterizing your Equipment

  As construction season is winding down and hunting and snowmen building come to mind, so should the upkeep and winterizing of your equipment.

Here is a checklist to help get your saws and equipment ready for work come spring:

___ Clean your saw thoroughly, removing all dust  and debris, and wipe clean. A clean saw, is a happy saw!
___ Check over your blade guard for cracks or wearing. Replace if needed.
___ Check your recoil rope for frays or tears. Replace if needed.
___ Check functionality of rewind. Clean and spray with lightweight lubricant such as ZEP 45.
Remove and inspect drive belt. If any cracks or frays are present, replace.
___ Check fuel filter in the gas tank. If dirty or discolored, replace.
___ Check spark arrester. Clean or replace if needed.
___ Take inventory of all nuts and bolts. Double check that they are in place and torqued down to proper specs. Refer to owners manual with questions. Replace if needed.
___ Check that the decompression valve on the saw is operational and that it moves freely.
Replace if needed, or worn.
___ Remove spark plug. If black/sooty color, or excess buildup on electrode is noted, check gap, replace.
___ Take inventory of all plastic pieces. If they are broken or missing, replace where needed.
What may look to be cosmetic issues may cause problems in the proper running of your equipment.
___ Check primer ball for cracks/functionality. Replace.
___ Once the saw has been checked over and all items have been replaced, dump out the remaining gas into an approved container.
___ Start your saw and run it outdoors. This will remove any gas left in fuel lines, carburetor
and fuel tank.
___ As your saw runs out of gas and dies, you are ready to properly store your piece of equipment.
___ Gas left over from the season, properly dispose of and clean out gas cans.
___ Start your spring season with fresh non-oxygenated gas/89 octane or higher. No ethanol if possible. Properly mix with synthetic oil to have a trouble free time starting and running your piece of equipment.

If you are in need of parts for any of your handheld saws/blowers, have some questions, or are in need of service, please contact our mechanics in St. Paul and Milwaukee.