How To Attach The Esch Edge Eater™ to a Metabo Grinder

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February 19, 2024 at 12:22:21 PM PST February 19, 2024 at 12:22:21 PM PSTth, February 19, 2024 at 12:22:21 PM PST

The Edge Eater™ is a dust-free solution to create or clean up a 45° chamfer on a concrete edge. Developed exclusively for Metabo T-Series and W-Series grinders. The Edge Eater™ is ideal for making chamfered edges in parking garages, precast concrete, concrete pole bases, and columns.

It works in both horizontal and vertical applications with easily adjustable depth. Create a narrow or wide chamfer edge with a simple wing nut adjustment (adjustable from 3/4" to 1-3/4".)

Key Takeaways

1) The Edge Eater™ is a dust shroud designed to create and clean up 45° chamfered edges.

2) The tight-fitting shroud allows dust-free concrete grinding when paired with the EschVac 552.

3) The Esch Edge Eater Shroud has the same guard patterns as the standard Metabo guard making it an easy transition.

How to Attach the Esch Edge Eater to a Metabo Grinder

The Esch Edge Eater is a great tool to create chamfer edges while remaining dust-free. Follow these steps to attach the shroud to a Metabo Grinder properly:

1) Line up the 4 notches of the shroud with the 4 notches on the grinder and apply pressure until secure.

2) Take your Cut and Grind Wheel and tighten that on the arbor of your grinder. Use the black button on the top of the grinder to help tighten completely.

3) Take the top cover and place it inside the shroud so the 4 screws are aligned. The shroud and shroud cover should create a "V" shape. 

4) Securely fasten the wingnuts onto the shroud so the cover is firmly in place.

5) Attach your EschVac 552 vacuum for complete dust-free grinding.


Complete the Kit

The Esch Edge Eater is just one piece to the dust-free chamfer grinding kit. Combine our shroud with the Esch Vac 552 and Esch Cut and Grind Wheels for a complete dust-free system. The complete Edge Eater™ Chamfer System is encouraged to maintain OSHA objective data compliance. Air sampling data is also available.