A Breakdown of the Husqvarna SmartGuard™ Safety Helmet

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February 6, 2024 at 9:54:23 AM PST February 6, 2024 at 9:54:23 AM PSTth, February 6, 2024 at 9:54:23 AM PST

Husqvarna Construction recently released the SmartGuard™ Safety Helmet, their newest advancement in personal protective equipment. The SmartGuard™ Helemt is designed with the safety of the saw operator in mind. If you’ve ever experienced a power cutter kickback, you will know why you should wear the SmartGuard™ helmet.

The special design and features are based upon our extensive expertise and knowhow from developing and manufacturing power cutters.

SmartGuard™ Helemt Breakdown

The Husqvarna Smartguard™ helmet is the newest advancement in cut-off saw operator safety. A robust and lightweight design allows confidence and freedom for the saw operator. Check out all the features that make this helmet a "must-have" for anyone who takes their cut-off saw safety seriously.

SmartGuard Protection - The Smartguard™ Helemt features a specially designed chin guard that reduces the severity of blade contact injury from the rotating blade if a power cutter kickback accident should occur.

Modular System - The chin guard, visor, and hearing protection are easy to remove for different work situations.

Helmet UV Indicator - The helmet is designed with an advanced UV indicator that indicates when the helmet is reaching the end of its life and should be replaced.

Husqvarna Design - The SmartGuard™ Helmet is made with premium quality, sturdy material and is tested and approved in accordance to the European standard EN 397:2012+A1:2012, with approval for usage in low temperatures, -30°C

The Husqvarna SmartGuard™ System

Husqvarna's full range of SmartGuard™ products are designed to maximize cut-off saw operators' safety. The SmartGuard™ Helmet, SmartGuard™ Jacket, and SmartGuard™ Blade Cover work together to reduce the severity of blade contact injury if a cut-off saw kickback occurs.

SmartGuard Jacket - A protective and comfortable jacketing made of tough, yet lightweight fabric. Reinforced around the neck and chest to reduce the severity of contact from a rotating cutting blade in the event of a kickback. Equipped with removable sleeves, smart pockets, and good ventilation. Comes in sizes S-XXL

SmartGuard™ Blade Cover - The Husqvarna SmartGuard™blade cover is designed to allow the operator to take more control over their cut. Whether it's brick, block, pipe, or concrete walls, the SmartGuard™ Blade Guard emphasises correct cutting technique and ensure the operator cuts in the correct cutting zone.

The blade guard extension reduces the severity of the blade contact injury in the chance of a cut-off saw kickback. These blade guards are available for the Husqvarna K770, and the Husqvarna K970 cut-off saws.