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New Husqvarna SmartGuard™ Helmet – Enhanced Saw Operator Safety

Husqvarna SmartGuard™ PPE

This unique helmet is part of the SmartGuard™ family of protective equipment for handheld cutting. It is equipped with chin guard protection, which can reduce the severity of injuries from blade contact if a kickback occurs. The helmet is sturdy, yet lightweight and well-ventilated for maximum comfort. It offers a universal fit and a wheel ratchet for easy size adjustment. Also equipped with earmuffs and a visor.




SmartGuard™ Protection

The Helmet features a chin guard for enhanced operator safety.

Modular System

Removable Visor and Ear Defenders.

Husqvarna Design

Premium quality, sturdy, comfortable, and available in white or grey.


Helmet UV Indicator

Indicated when the helmet is reaching the end of its life and should be replaced.

User-Friendly Visor

User-friendly half-face visor that is easy to replace.

Fits To...

Husqvarna K1 PACE
14" Battery Saw


Husqvarna K535i
9" Battery Saw


Husqvarna K7000
16" PRIME Saw



Saw & Blade Safety Training

A perfect safety record is no accident. Esch Saw & Blade Safety Training™ is a great addition to your company’s safety day. Our training is designed to better educate you about saw kickback, safety features, and approved cutting wheels.

Esch Saw & Blade Safety Training™ will better prepare you to:
  • Prevent injuries
  • Reduce saw and diamond blade costs
  • Optimize saw performance and save labor
Program includes:
  • A focus on hand-held, high-speed power cutters.
  • Special attention on safely cutting precast concrete, concrete pipe, ductile iron, and PVC pipe.
  • Content tailored to your company’s needs.