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Dennis Bannon joined the Esch team in the Spring of 2021 as a Sales and Support Specialist in Denver. Before coming to Esch, Dennis has 32 years of various sales positions under his belt. He also paved streets, driveways and plumbed Starbucks facilities from the underground up to completion.

In his free time, Dennis and his wife fill their time with remodeling, updating, and renovating different properties that he, his wife, and children own. He also enjoys traveling to warm, tropical spots for vacation.

A fun fact about Dennis is that he actually met his wife in high school but was dating his best friend at the time. She then married a high school nemesis of his. They now have a blended family that is happy, healthy, and very cohesive in everyday life.

"Esch has allowed me to reconnect with many of my longtime friends and grow them into some of my very good customers, that I continue to learn and grow from in this new industry that I have joined. I look forward to all the new relationships that I have not uncovered yet, and am extremely excited to see who is at every next corner."