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Fueling your saw: Mixing Oil and Gas

If you want your saw to run longer, perform better, and function properly, it is critical to operate your saw with the proper fuel. This means understanding the proportions when mixing oil and gas together. Too much oil can cause carbon build-up on your spark arrestor. Not enough oil can lead to scoring on the piston and cylinder and cause damage to the saw's bearings. With proper usage of fuel…
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Safety Trainings and Toolbox Talks

Cold weather means seasonal projects are coming to an end. Take advantage of the winter season and let Esch help train your crew. Through years of experience, we have discovered three main areas of focus to keep your teams working safer and to reduce downtime: Saw & Blade Safety Training, Saw Maintenance Training, and Equipment Operator Training. Our goal is to help you prevent injuries, reduce saw and diamond blade…
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Proper Inspection & Usage of Handheld Cut-Off Saws

Handheld Cut-off Saw Safety Cut-off saws are powerful tools for contractors to cut concrete, metal, and other materials. Before using your cut-off saw (aka quickie saw), make sure to do a quick inspection to ensure you are making your cuts safely.  Before Cutting Check the machine for loose or missing fasteners Make sure to replace and/or tighten all screws and bolts. Check the throttle trigger, trigger interlock, and stop switch…
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Spring Tune-ups

  The time has come to start bringing your saws out of storage. Spring is officially here! Tuning up your saws before putting them to work is just as important as winterizing them before putting them in storage. Review this checklist from Stihl to make sure your equipment is in ideal condition before the season starts. Check your spark plugs and replace if necessary. Check for dirty and damaged air…
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Starting your Stihl TS 500i

  Fuel injection on the new Stihl TS 500i is a great innovation, however, some are still having issues getting their saw to start properly.   The issue we are witnessing both in the field and on the repair bench is knowing how to properly start the TS 500i, and the solution is simple: priming! On a cold start, the TS 500i must be primed 10-15 times. The same is true…
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