Edge Eater™ Chamfer System

Edge Eater™ Chamfer System

Patent Pending Dust-free Solution for Grinding Chamfers

Introducing the patent pending Edge Eater™ Chamfer System by Esch. The Edge Eater™ is a dust-free solution to create or clean up a 45° chamfer on a concrete edge. Developed exclusively for Metabo grinders.

Ideal for parking garages, precast concrete, concrete pole bases, and columns. Works in both horizontal and vertical applications with easily adjustable depth. Creates narrow or wide chamfers with a simple wing nut adjustment (adjustable from 3/4" to 1-3/4".)

System includes: Edge Eater™ Shroud, Esch Cut and Grind wheel, Pulse-Bac 550 Vacuum with wheel kit, and Metabo W-Series grinder.

Most purchase options include 1 Esch Cut and Grind wheel

The Edge Eater™ Chamfer System is an OSHA objective-data compliance solution. View the Air Sampling Documentation.


Product Specs

For use with Metabo W-Series Grinders
Pulse-Bac 550 Vacuum
Esch Cut and Grind Diamond Wheel
Vacuum connection Standard hose with adapter (included in vacuum kit)