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What’s that for…?

  Have you ever been working with some equipment and wondered what a lever, button, pin, bolt or other feature was for? I hope to be able to answer your questions in this series called “What’s that for?”

The first topic is one that is often overlooked, but highly useful. I’m talking about the locking pin bore. Check it out below:

You see from the picture that the locking pin bore is located in similar spots on both the Stihl and Husqvarna power cutters.

So what is the locking pin bore? When the locking pin is inserted in the bore it prevents the prevents the pulley from turning and spinning, allowing you to tighten the blade down properly and securely. This helps you prevent potential injury because you don’t have to hold the blade by hand. This is very handy for when you are changing the blade. It is also convenient (and safe) for when you are doing maintenance on your saws. Remember, when transporting the saw your best bet is to remove the blade to prevent bending and damage. Abrasive blades should be removed to protect them from rain, snow and other elements that might cause wear and tear.