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Warm up before W.O.T.

  To prolong the life of your handheld and walk behind saws, it is recommended that you give your saws time to warm up before running wide open and cutting.

Starting your saw and running wide open right out of the gate can reduce the life of your saw causing scoring at the cylinder and piston, among other issues. The cause is due to not allowing the gas and oil mixture to reach the top side of the engine where lubrication (from the oil) will be present once the saw has a chance to warm up. On four stroke saws (often walk behind saws) the oil in the crank case needs to be warmed allowing valves, rods, and inner engine components the time to be lubricated with oil.

After starting your saw, allow to run at idle for 2-3 minutes. Once the saw in noticeably warm, you are ready to go to work. Taking the few minutes on start-up can save you a lot of downtime and not having to deal with a blown up saw in the future.

If your saw has been through the ringer and has lost compression due to scoring on the cylinder wall, visit our in house mechanics in St. Paul and Milwaukee. They can get you back up and running with parts and repair, along with one of the best turnaround times in the industry.