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Spring Equipment Tune-ups (Concrete Saws)

The time has come to start bringing your saws out of storage. Tuning up your saws before putting them to work is as important as properly winterizing them. Review these maintenance tips for spring to ensure your equipment is in ideal condition before the season starts.

  • Check your spark plugs and replace them if necessary.
  • Check for dirty and damaged air filters. Replace if necessary.
  • Check all parts for cracks or breaks. Replace anything that is damaged or broken.
  • Check for loose screws and nuts, and tighten.
  • Inspect diamond blades or abrasive wheels, and sharpen or change your chains.
  • Lubricate parts where you may have friction.
  • Inspect power cords for wear or damage.
  • Mix new fuel if it has sat for 2 months or more.
  • Warm up your equipment before putting it to work.

These steps, courtesy of Stihl, are essential for proper saw maintenance and can help you maximize the life of your equipment. If you need further assistance with tune-ups, parts, or repairing your saws, contact our full-service repair center.