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Filter Life and Maintenance for Esch Vac 576 & Pulse-Bac 576

Filter life and Maintenance for the Esch Vac 576. The Esch Vac 576 is a self-cleaning vacuum designed to give you max productivity and decreased labor hours due to its pulsing filter system. As you are grinding or cutting, the vacuum cycles with a pulse of air every 30 seconds “blowing out the filters” reducing suction for a fraction of a second, then cycling back to full suctions. It does this cycle with each filter (2 on each vacuum) ever time, all the time. As concrete dust is sucked up, the filters eventually will wear out due to the super abrasive nature of concrete. Filter life for filters is 3 months with moderate use. The best test to see if filters need to be changed is if you experience a loss of suction or performance.

As with all electric tools, proper cord length is important. Esch recommends a 14 gauge cord for 0-25 feet and a 12 gauge cord for 25-50 feet. Should you experience issues with your Pulse Bac PB576, Esch Construction Supply, Inc. is available with service for your vacuum, as well as replacement parts.