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Cleaning your Soff-Cut blade block

  Ensuring a clean and ravel-free joint when Soff-Cutting takes patience and skill. Once the process is understood, you need to ensure you are using the proper color Soff-Cut blade. The timing of your cut should be in the green zone. If you have a good working knowledge of green saw cutting and you still are producing a ravelled, and spalled joint, most likely there is an issue with the blade block and pistons.

Husqvarna Soff-Cut150E- Dustless cutting blade block

For proper pressure to be applied to the cutting surface, the pistons in the blade block need to move freely up and down. Cleaning of the blade block after each day's use is essential in producing the functionality of the blade block pistons.

To check functionality, push up on the skid plate in both the front and rear. If you feel any resistance or the plunger stays in a locked position, cleaning of the piston needs to be performed.


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