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Air Filter Cleaning

  Some of the most frequently asked questions about saws are about the air filters. How do I clean the filter? When do I clean it? Should I clean it? When do I replace the filter?

The answer is simple – let the saw tell you.

The DON'Ts
Air filters are made to last through a certain amount of wear and be replaced. Replacing the filter before it is necessary, or trying to extend the life by cleaning the filter can cause significant damage to the pistons in your saw. Simply, don't clean your filter or replace it when not needed, or your saw will likely end up on a workbench. (see photos below)

The DOs

Instead, avoid damage by replacing your filter when you are using your saw and it loses power. By shutting down, your saw will let you know it’s time to change the filter. Listen to the saw, and you may save yourself time and money from costly repairs!

Damaged pistons from a Husqvarna K 760, caused by early air filter replacement and blowing the filter out to avoid replacement.