Husqvarna S36

HEPA Dust Extractor

Equipped with 3 HEPA filters and 3 large, commercial-grade vacuum motors, the Pullman S36 is one of the most powerful dust extractors on the market. A unique, massive cone shaped pre-filter with over 50 square feet of media reduces filter loading and improves filter cleaning via the Jet Pulse filter cleaning system. The S36 uses a dolly system for easy loading, unloading and work area mobility. Includes a 30 amp outlet for plugging in a grinder. Ideal for use with mid-size planetary floor grinders.


Product Specs 120V/230V/Propane

Powered by Electric/  /Propane
Current 20A /18.7A
Air Requirement 285 CFM/ 353 CFM/ 285CFM
Water Lift 80 in./ 110 in./ 102 in.
Voltage 120V/230V
Net weight 140 lbs./  / 454 lbs.
Collection Type Longopac bag

Husqvarna S36

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