Husqvarna S26

HEPA Dust Extractor

Husqvarna S26
Husqvarna S26

Equipped with HEPA filters, this professional dust extractor is a step above typical shop-style vacuums. Easy to maneuver, yet powerful, the Husqvarna S26 can be used with your electrical hand-operated power tools and shrouds for in-application dust collection. The S26 is equipped with a fine filter, an H13 filter and uses Jet Pulse filter cleaning - efficiently cleaning without opening the vacuum.


Product Specs

Powered by Electric
Power 3.2 HP
Current 20 A
Air Requirement 258 CFM
Water Lift 100 in.
Voltage 120 V
Net weight 105 lbs.
Collection Type Longopac bag

Husqvarna S26
Pullman Ermator S26 Spare Parts

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