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Metabo W 9-115 4.5″ Hand Held Grinder

Hand Held Grinder

Metabo W 9-115 Hand Held Grinder

The Metabo W9-115 is durable and long-lasting, with the Metabo Longlife Motor and dust-protection technology features. Adjustments are easy with the twist-proof protective cover and dust protection housing. Eligible for the Metabo XXL® 3-year extended warranty upon registration.


  • Low fatigue as never before: compact angle grinder with smallest handle circumference in its class for perfect ergonomics
  • Longer service life, more drive: the Metabo LongLife Motor with patented dust guard, up to 20% more high overload capacity and 50% more torque
  • Tool-free adjustable guard; twist-proof
  • Gear housing can be mounted turned in 90° steps for left-handed operation or cutting
  • Auto-stop carbon brushes to protect the motor
  • Suitable for 120 Volt direct current (DC)

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Product Specs

Powered By Electric
Power 510 Watts
Weight 4.6 lbs.
Max Wheel Diameter 4.5″
Spindle Thread 5/8″-11
Order # 600354420

Metabo W 9-115 4.5″ Hand Held Grinder
Metabo W 9-115 Spare Parts List