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Husqvarna PG 680

Floor Grinder

Husqvarna PG 680 Floor Grinder

The PG 680 concrete floor grinder is an excellent choice for both industrial and commercial applications. With a grinding width of 27 in. it easily fits through a standard door making it accessible to most job sites without sacrificing power. The planetary drive system and Dual Drive Technology™ gives PG 680 an outstanding removal rate. An excellent choice for concrete floor preparation and repair as well as all polishing and grinding applications – both wet and dry. Perfect for HiPERFLOOR® concrete floor polishing system.


  • Dual Drive Technology™ enables the operator to control individual speed and direction of the planetary head and satellite discs, to optimize any grinding application.
  • The patented twin motor drive system facilitates maximum power for aggressive grinding applications.
  • Triple-headed grinder provides more downward pressure and power to the grinding heads compared to 4-head machines.

Product Specs

Powered By Electric
Power 17 HP
Voltage 220-240 V
Grinding Width 27″
Phases 3
Weight 870 lbs.