Husqvarna PG 820

Floor Grinder

Husqvarna PG 820 Floor Grinder
Husqvarna PG820 Floor Grinder Husqvarna PG820 Floor Grinder Husqvarna PG820 Floor Grinder Husqvarna PG820 Floor Grinder

The Husqvarna PG 820 is power and versatility in one great machine. With Husqvarna's Dual Drive Technology™, it can be used for a wide variety of surface preparation and finishing applications. The PG 820 uses Husqvarna’s Redi Lock™ diamond segments. Perfect for heavy-duty surface and coating removal, industrial and commercial floor polishing, and floor grinding.


  • The ultimate choice for professional flooring contractors.
  • Dual Drive Technology™ – fully independent control of both planetary and satellite grinding heads in regards to speed and direction of rotation. This enables higher production rates.
  • Triple-headed grinder – more downward pressure and power can be delivered to grinding heads. More stable operation over undulating surfaces.
  • Wide grinding path.
  • Long machinery service life thanks to the 5-way sealing mechanism, the spring steelhead system, and all zinc-plated steel parts.
  • Gear-driven planetary head; premium-quality belt for powering grinding heads.
  • Industrial strength construction (robust steel frame, strong single-piece aluminum cover).
  • Low tool and maintenance cost per square foot.

Product Specs

Powered ByElectric
Power17 HP
Voltage480 V
Grinding Width32″
Weight1003 lbs.

Husqvarna PG 820
Husqvarna PG 820 Spare Parts List