Husqvarna PG 540

1 & 3 Phase Floor Grinder

Husqvarna PG 530 Floor Grinder

Husqvarna PG540 planetary floor grinder is perfect for small to mid-size jobs. Available in both single-phase and three-phase with 5.5 HP motor.  It's easy to handle, tilt and operate with optional adjustable weights for extra grinding pressure.  Suitable for all applications floor pre, grinding, and polishing.  The PG540 is the compact choice for the HIPERFLOOR concrete polishing system.


  • Three grinding discs and total grinding width of 22" and powerful 5.5 horsepower motor
  • Performs all types of applications such as concrete grinding, coatings removal, concrete repair, and polishing.
  • Adjustable grinding pressure.  Optional weights allow you to adjust grinding pressure in three pre-set positions.  Also makes tilting the machine back much easier.
  • Sealed grinding head with 1,000 hours service interval.  No dust or water can intrude to damage components
  • Quick-release couplings allow the grinder head to be separated from the chassis, which can then be easily folded for transport.

Product Specs

Powered By Electric
Power 5.5 HP
Voltage 230 V or 480 V
Grinding Width 22″
Phases 1 or 3
Weight 392 lbs.

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