Husqvarna K770 14″ Cut-Off Saw

Gas 14" Cut-Off Saw

The Husqvarna K770 is a powerful all-round power cutter with features that make it one of the best power cutters on the market. Equipped with a semi-automatic SmartTension™ system allows for optimal power transmission, minimum wear, and maximum belt life. The lightweight, outstanding power-to-weight ratio, the reliable start, and exceptionally low vibrations mean less strain and maximized productivity. Suitable for road work and easy to cut in a straight or curved track or close to the sidewalk when used with KV7 trolley.


  • Superior power-to-weight ratio while being light, compact, and powerful
  • Semi-automatic SmartTension lowers the risk of under-and-over tensioning
  • Newly designed cast magnesium crankcase has a three-bolt joint to attach the cutting head, making higher torsional rigidity than the previous two-bolt setup
  • Strong poly-V belt with maintenance-free DuraStarter and new efficient Active Air Filtration system ensures long usage intervals
  • The Clutch cooling fan lowers the operating temperature inside the belt cover extending the service life for the transmission components, including the drive belt
  • DEX, dust suppression system, makes it easy to ensure dust is reduced while minimizing water consumption and slurry

Product Specs

Powered byGas
Power5 HP
Weight22.5 lbs
Max Blade Size14″
Max Cutting Depth5″

Husqvarna K770 14″ Cut-Off Saw
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