Husqvarna K4000 Cut-N-Break

Electric Cut-N-Break Saw

Husqvarna Electric Cut-n-Break Saw K4000 Cut-n-Break
K-4000 Cut-n-Break (Side view) K-4000 Cut-n-Break Action Shot Husqvarna Electric Cut-n-Break Saw K4000 Cut-n-Break

The Husqvarna K4000 Cut N Break can make cuts up to 15.75” using the Cut N Break method. This electric cutter works well indoors and out. Perfect for smaller cuts or cutting close to walls and floors. Also great for cutting pipe, expansion joints, and crack renovation.


  • Wet cutting only
  • Dual 9" Diamond concrete Blades included
  • Depth of Cut:2-1/2" per pass with a maximum of 16"
  • Precision openings for doors, windows, HVAC ductwork, pipes, and more can be economically made using the Cut-n-Break system
  • Grooves can be quickly cut to create a channel for up to 3/4" wide, perfect for water lines and electrical conduit in a single pass
  • Double blade system also aids in faster crack renovation and expansion joint repair
  • Integrated water head kit
  • Elgard, the advanced electronic overload protection system, varies the rotation speed to warn of an approaching overload
  • Electronic Softstart provides starting with normal, slow-acting fuses
  • Generously dimensioned miter gear provides high durability, minimal power loss, and low noise levels
  • Eliminates over-cutting on all types of openings requiring square corners
  • Twin blades form a core in the saw cut
  • The core is simply broken away using the breaking tool that is supplied with the K4000 Cut-n-Break
  • When the core has been broken away, repeat the cut until the required cutting depth is achieved. Maximum 16" (400 mm)
  • Active Air Filtration

  Product Specs

Powered byElectric
Power5 HP
Weight18.5 lbs
Max Blade Size9″
Max Cutting Depth16″



Husqvarna K4000 Cut-N-Break
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