Husqvarna FS 5000 D

47 HP Diesel Walk Behind Saw

Husqvarna FS 5000 D Walk Behind Saw

The Husqvarna FS 5000 D is powerful, fuel-efficient, and compact. The Tier 4 EPA compliant, the FS 5000 D is perfect for road work, mid-size jobs, service work and floor sawing. High production rates, compact size, and good maneuverability make it highly versatile and the low emission diesel engine requires no regeneration. Available with 3-speed or 1-speed transmission and equipped with an electronic clutch.

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Product Specs

Powered ByDiesel
Motor ManufacturerYanmar
Power47.6 hp
Weight1700 lbs.
Max Blade Size36″
Max Cutting Depth15″

Husqvarna FS 5000 D
Husqvarna FS 5000 Spare Parts List