Husqvarna DM 230

Core Drill Rig

Husqvarna DM 230 Core Drill Rig
Husqvarna DM 230 Handle Husqvarna DM 230 Core Drill Husqvarna DM 230 Hand-held core drill Husqvarna DM 230 Core Drill Rig

The Husqvarna DM 230 is a versatile core drill that can be used as either a handheld device or with the Husqvarna DS 150 Stand. While handheld the DM 230 can drill up to 4” in diameter in brick, concrete, and other building material for ventilation, pipe, joints, electrical sockets, and more. Durable and ergonomically designed. Equipped with Elgard™, SoftStart™, and SmartStart™.


  • The motor can tolerate and perform effectively in higher ambient temperatures.
  • Gearbox and motor alignment have been updated to reduce friction and improve sturdiness.
  • Equipped with Elgard, an indicator that pulses when the machine is overloaded, which provides longer product life.
  • Smartstart reduces drill motor RPMs to decrease vibration when starting a hole.
  • Softstart slowly increases motor RPMs when starting, which reduces wear on the motor and brushes.
  • The 3-speed, water-cooled gearbox provides optimal drilling performance and longer service intervals.
  • Designed with plastic housing, which makes it more durable against drip and daily wears.
  • The handles and controls and designed and positioned to further enhance drilling performance and ergonomics.

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Product Specs

Powered By Electric
Power 1,725 Watts
Voltage 115 V
Max Bit Diameter 6″
Spindle Speed 500/1400/2900 RPM
Weight 12 lbs.

Husqvarna DM 230
Husqvarna DM 230 Spare Parts List