EZ Pump & Water Can

Self-Pressurizing Pump & Can

The Esch Zero (or EZ) Pump & Water Can is the newest labor saver solution from Esch. NO MORE PUMPING. The EZ Pump & Can is a self-pressurizing pump & can for saws, grinders, and core drill rigs. The pump has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged with an A/C charger.

The Can:

  • 2 Gal. teardrop shape rigid plastic tank that adds stability thanks to its lower center of gravity. 
  • 12 ft of poly hose placed at an optimized location to reduce the can from tipping. 
  • The pressure release valve on the back allows you to safely remove internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer
  • Quick-Connect connects to any gas saw, electric saw, battery-powered saw, or core drill rig water delivery system.

The Pump

  • Battery Operated Pressurizer that automatically pumps water when optimal pressure level is reached.
  • The pump is rechargeable with A/C Charger. 
  • Allows 1 person to run equipment and water source



Product Specs

Application Water source
Capacity 2 gal
Pump type Automatic
Color Translucent
Battery Life 15 Gallons/Charge



EZ Pump & Water Can
Ez Pump & Can Esch Zero Pump Pump Can