Esch Xtractor Dust Shroud for Soff-Cut x150

Eliminate Dust & Save You Time

Esch Xtraction Solutions eliminate dust and save you time. Combine the Xtractor 4150 shroud and Xtractor Vac with your Soff-Cut 150 saw for a completely dust-free cut. Sold as a complete kit or add our solution to your Soff-Cut 150 saw.

EschXtractor Vac

  • Self-cleaning technology prevents clogs.
  • Move freely and avoid damage to green concrete
    with the non-marking Xtractor Glider.
  • Using the Coupling Socket to attach to the shroud
    insures a snug hose fit.

EschXtractor 4150 Dust Shroud

  • Eliminates exposure to silica dust.
  • Virtually dust free, saving clean up time and labor.
  •  Easy, tool-free installation.

Already have the saw? Get the Esch Xtractor 4150 kit without the saw