Edco CPU 12

12" Self Propelled Scarifier

Edco 12

The Edco 12” Self Propelled Scarifier (CPU-12) a heavy-duty machine perfect for planning concrete, asphalt, epoxies, and master plate floors, as well as use in malls, barns warehouses and more. It scarifies approximately 1,250-1,500 sq. ft. per hour at 1/8” deep, with an adjustable depth of up to 1/4”. Easy to maneuver, with hydrostatic forward and reverse and cam-operated fifth wheel.

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Product Specs

Model number CPU-12
Powered by Gas
Power 38 HP
Weight 800 lbs.
Size LxWxH 53″x36″x43″
Depth per pass 1/8″
Coverage 1,250-1,500 sq. ft/hour

* Electric model also available.


Edco CPU 12
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