Edco CPL 8 Scari-Lite

8" Walk Behind Mini Planer

Edco 8

The Edco 8” Scari-lite Mini Planer (CPL-8) is compact and perfect for etching away paint, urethane, and coatings. The 8” Scari-lite Mini Planer scarifies approximately 175-250 sq. ft. per hour at 1/32” deep. Works with both carbide and steel cutters that are compatible with the 8” Walk Behind Scarifier and comes equipped with a universal vacuum port.

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Product Specs

Model number CPL-8
Powered by Gas
Power 5.5 HP
Weight 150 lbs.
Size LxWxH 31″x19″x42.5″
Depth per pass 1/32″
Coverage 175-250 sq. ft/hour

* Electric models also available.


Edco CPL 8 Scari-Lite
Edco CPL 8 Parts List