Dustcontrol DC 2800


Dustcontrol DC-2800 Vacuum

The Dustcontrol DC2800C is a heavy duty, lightweight and portable vacuum, perfect for standard vacuum cleaning or dust collection from power tools. The DC2800 has a cyclone inlet and reverse pulse filter cleaning. Features a HEPA H13 filter for maximum filtering efficiency.


Product Specs

Powered by Electric
Power 1200 W.
Weight 31 lbs.
Hose length 15 ft.
Bag capacity 5 gal.
Dimensions LxHxW 43″x17″x16″

Delivered with:

Suction hose (Ø38) 5m (Part No 2105)
Floor nozzle B 370/38 (Part No 7235)
Suction pipe Ø38 (Part No 7257)
Fine filter, cellulose (Part No 42029)
HEPA filter (Part No 42027)
Plastic sacks (Part No 42291, 10 pcs/4814, 5 pcs)


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