Husqvarna DMS 280 HS & LS

Core Drill Rigs

The Husqvarna DMS 280 High Speed is perfect for drilling up to 10” in diameter. The Husqvarna DMS 280 Low Speed is perfect for drilling up to 14” in diameter. Drill concrete, bricks, and other building material for water evacuation, plumbing, pipes, barriers, road signs, and more. Accurate alignment with minimal adjustment with the V-groove roller carriage. With a tiltable stand back support the DMS 280 core drills are stable and reliable to use.


  • Equipped with stabilizing guide rollers for accurate drilling as well as cleaner, straighter holes
  • The back support is clamped to the column with a rigid patented locking system, stabilizing operations
  • Adjustment screws on the base plate, carriage and back support can be adjusted with the feed handle
  • The stand has a jacking screw on the top for easy clamping of the stand

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Product Specs

Powered By Electric
Power 2,300 Watts
Voltage 115 V
Max Bit Diameter 10″ (HS)/14″ (LS)
Travel Length 25 1/2″
Spindle Speed 440/970/1670 RPM (HS)
310/690/1190 (LS)
Weight 86 lbs.

Husqvarna DMS 280 HS & LS