Benner Nawman DC-25X

Rebar Cutter

BN DC-25X Rebar Cutter

The Benner-Nawman DC-25X safely and efficiently cuts rebar up to #8 (1”) diameter grade 60. The DC-25X Portable Rebar Cutter makes clean cuts with no spark or flame. Works great on epoxy-coated rebar. Fastest, safest and most economical way to cut rebar on the job.


Product Specs

Maximum Cutting Diameter #8 or 1” (25 mm) Grade 60 Rebar
Cutting Speed 5 seconds
Cutting Pressure 30 tons
Power Supply 115V 50/60Hz -12 amps
Weight 49.6 lbs
Size L x W X H 20” x 5.9” x 9.8”



Benner Nawman DC-25X
Benner Nawman DC-25X Parts Guide

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