Benner-Nawman DBC-20X

Rebar Cutter/Bender

Benner Nawman DBC-20x

The DBC-20X is a combination of rebar cutting and bending tool rated for ¾” grade 60 rebar. The Benner-Nawman DBC20X is the ultimate combo unit, combining the popular DC-20WH rebar cutter and the DBD-20X rebar bender in a heavy-duty housing. Go from bending to cutting with a toggle switch. Remove the DC-20WH from the housing to use in a portable application.

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Combined Product Specs

Maximum Cutting Diameter Up to #6 (3/4″) Grade 60
Cutting Speed 3 seconds Cutter
180° bend 7 sec. Bender
Power Supply Electric motor 115V, 50/60 Hz – 10 amp cutter, 15 amp bender
Weight 25.4 lbs. Cutter
134.5 lbs. Bender
212 lbs. Combined
Size L x W X H 28″x18″x21.5″


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