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Exceptional Service to Others – Spring Update

Esch Construction Supply's Exceptional Service to Others Committee has been busy already this Spring. Check out what the ESO team at Esch Construction Supply has been up to:

Exceptional Service to Others | Esch Construction Supply

Diaper Bank of MN:

The Diaper Bank of MN is an organization that provides diapers to families in need in the Twin Cities. Their goal is to increase awareness about diaper needs in Minnesota and improve conditions for those who need diapers. We are happy to have made a donation to the Diaper Bank in MN for over $250 to help supply diapers to kids in need!


Naomi Family Residence:

The Naomi Family Residence is a full-time program for women and children escaping abuse, battling addiction, or struggling with homelessness and poverty for a number of reasons. We were able to provide the Naomi Family Residence with women's clothing and supplies during these hard times.


Tools 4 Teens:

Tools 4 Teens is a Minnesota-based non-profit whose goal is to give tools to teenagers 10-18 who show interest in being creative and using their hands. Each set of tools is accompanied by a mentor's contact information to help the kids throughout their ideas and projects. Our ESO team made a donation to help supply Tools 4 Teens and we hope to work more with them in the future!


Keystone Community Services:

Keystone Community Services' mission is to build up individuals and their families so they can improve their quality of life. They specifically depend on donors to make sure that all community members have access to basic needs. We were able to help support those families in our community with food and support through our donations!


Protect the Package | This Time Tomorrow Foundation:

This Time Tomorrow Foundation focuses on using music and the arts to inspire hope. They provide direct financial support to individuals and families fighting all forms of cancer. It is their goal to help those affected today reach the tomorrow they desire. We will be sponsoring a hole at their upcoming Golf Fundraiser on July 17, 2021.


Learn more about our ESO Committee and how they make a difference in our communities!