Husqvarna K 760

Husqvarna K 760

Gas 12" or 14" Cut-Off Saw

The Improved Husqvarna K 760 makes concrete, stone, pipe, asphalt and metal cutting a breeze. Featuring a new magnesium blade guard equipped with the DEX water system, protected water supply, Husqvarna’s Active Air Filtration™, SmartCarb™, X-Torq® and DuraStarter™. Get ease of use and the best life possible out of your saw. Use up to one year without an air filter change and reduce emissions up to 75%.

Product Specs

Powered by Gas
Power 5 HP
Weight 20.7 or 21.6 lbs
Max Blade Size 12″ or 14″
Max Cutting Depth 4 or 5″

Husqvarna K 760
Husqvarna K 760 Spare Parts List