Edco CPM 10

Edco CPM 10

10" Walk Behind Scarifier

The Edco 10” Walk Behind Scarifier (CPM-10) is heavy duty and perfect for aggressive material removal, heavy duty scarification and heavy coatings removal. The 10” Walk Behind Scarifier scarifies approximately 500-750 sq. ft. per hour at 1/8” deep. Easy to maneuver with 6” wheels and safe use with a tethered emergency stop switch.

Product Specs

Model number CPM-10
Powered by Gas
Power 13 HP
Weight 267 lbs.
Size LxWxH 41″x23″x41″
Depth per pass 1/8″
Coverage 500-700 sq. ft/hour

* Electric model also available.
** 6 or 8-shaft side-loading drums available.

Edco CPM 10
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