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Electric tools and Cord Length

  Before using an electric tool, consider the extension cord running from your power source to your tool. Do you know the amperage that the tool draws? How far is the cord running?

When using extension cords it is important to note that as you increase the length of cord the voltage drops. Voltage drop can prevent power tools from running at full speed. Using the improper extension cord can cause the cord and power tool to heat up past normal. Overheating can trip circuit breakers, overload the circuit breaker, or result in complete loss of the tool.

Issues related to voltage drop include: heat build-up, melted wiring inside the tools, and possibly complete motor melt down over time due to damage to the contacts.

To avoid problems a good rule of thumb is The longer the length of the cord, the larger the cord size needs to be.

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If you have questions regarding the size of cord you should be using in your power application, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our repair center is ready and willing to answer any questions you might have!

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