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Electric & Battery-Powered Saws

Electric & battery-powered saws are growing in popularity among contractors. The new wave of cut-off saws allows operators to work with zero emissions. This allows your to use your saw for both indoor and outdoor work. Electric and battery-powered saws are great tools when you are in an environment that does not allow gas saws. They are also lighter than most gas saws because they do not have the additional chamber for fuel. For dry-cutting add a dust boot and vacuum. Or for wet-cutting add the EZ Pump for an auto-pumping water system. 


Electric and battery-powered cut-off


Battery-Powered Cut-Off Saw

Why would you use a battery-powered cut-off saw over a gas cut-off saw? Battery-powered cut-off saws from Husqvarna and Stihl use a 36-volt lithium-ion battery that allows for fast, reliable cutting. The battery-powered cut-off saws are also lightweight and easy to start, making them a go-to saw for any contractor. These saws are also great for indoor and residential areas due to zero emissions and quieter noise. Operators are not exposed to exhaust fumes and sustained loud noises with battery-powered saws. Battery-powered saws do have a higher upfront cost, however, not consistently spending money on fuel and yearly tune-up expenses keeps more money in your pocket in the long run.

Husqvarna K1 PACE
14" Battery Saw

Max Cutting Depth: 5.7 in
Blade Diameter: 14 in

Husqvarna K535i 
9" Battery Saw

Max Cutting Depth: 3 in
Blade Diameter: 9 in

Stihl TSA230
9" Battery Saw

Max Cutting Depth: 2.75 in
Blade Diameter: 9 in



Electric Cut-Off Saws

With so many advancements in electric equipment, electric cut-off saws are becoming more prominent in the construction industry. Electric cut-off saws are lightweight and compact, so they are not a burden to carry around. They are also much quieter than gas cut-off saws so they can be used indoors and in residential areas. The cost of the electric saws is much lower due to a lower maintenance cost and no longer needing fuel. These electric cut-off saws from Husqvarna are designed to cut concrete, rebar, metals, and other tough materials.

Husqvarna K4000
14" Electric Saw


Max Cutting Depth: 5 in
Blade Diameter: 14 in

Husqvarna K4000 Cut-n-Break
Electric Specialty Saw


Max Cutting Depth: 16 in
Blade Diameter: 9 in


Product Spotlight: Husqvarna K1 PACE Saw 14" Battery Powered Cut-off Saw

The Husqvarna K1 PACE battery power cutter has the power and performance you expect from equivalent petrol-powered cutters. Cut indoor and outdoor with the PACE (Powerful-Agile-Cordless-Electric) battery system with high power and fast charging for impressive productivity. Suitable for concrete pipes, concrete garden plates, cinder blocks, roadwork, and more. The run-time on one battery is equivalent to a tank of fuel in a similar-sized saw.