Cowboy XL

Cowboy XL

General Purpose Blade

Meet the Cowboy XL blade - developed to be your "put it on the saw and go" diamond blade. Primarily a concrete blade, the Cowboy XL also performs well cutting brick, block and asphalt.

Features include:

  • Thick, high-grade steel core for a wobble free cut
  • Cool core technology to dissipate heat
  • Safe and secure laser weld
  • Directional arrow stamped through the core for correct blade mounting every time
  • Tall segment with undercut protection for longer life
  • Slanted gullet design for fast and free cutting in reinforced concrete

Blade Specs

Diameter 14″
Width 0.125
Arbor 1″ and 20mm
Segment Height Varies
Type Hand Held Saw Blade
Grade Professional
Application Concrete, Brick, Block and Asphalt