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Esch Gives Back: The Wingman Foundation

2017 brought a lot of new things for Esch. A new blade, new Exceptional Service to Others (ESO) initiatives, as well as the continued growth of our core value: service. One new initiative dedicates a portion of the proceeds of a new Esch blade and the Wingman Foundation. Our ESO committee has committed to donating $2 for every Wingman Blade sold to the Wingman Foundation.

Our blade, The Wingman is a reliable blade for cutting concrete, brick, block and asphalt. It features a thick, high grade steel core and cool core technology. The Wingman name comes from its reliability and consistent cutting through materials. Put it on the saw and  go!

Founded in 2014 by three Active Duty Marine Corps aviators, the Wingman Foundation has since taken off, expanding to an all-volunteer staff of over a dozen active and former Marine and Navy pilots and civilians. The Wingman Foundation’s mission is, “to honor the sacrifices of our fallen air warriors and support the families they’ve left behind.” The foundation provides three remarkable services, supporting the Naval Aviation community and their families to ensure that a fallen aviator’s sacrifice is not forgotten; Mishap Support, Remembrance and Honor Programs.

Through the Mishap Support Program, funds are made available to both the family and the squadron to cover any immediate costs associated with an aviation disaster.

The Remembrance Program helps to ensure that the sacrifice of our fallen air warriors are never forgotten by telling their stories both in the direct aftermath of a crash of mishap, as well as for yours afterwards to bring friends and family together.

The Honor program helps to further memorialize a loved one with a scholarship, monument or program in their honor. The Wingman Foundation works directly with the families and friends to offer, administer and fund a tailored grant that honors the spirit of the flyers sacrifice for veterans and dependents.

Click to View the Wingman Blade

Click to View the Wingman Blade

With your purchase of the Wingman you receive a quality product at a competitive price, while helping a good cause.

For more information on the Wingman Foundation click here.