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Diamond Blade Safety Warning

A recent bulletin from Stihl outlines a few blades that are unsafe to use on your Cut-Off Saws. Please keep these guidelines in mind while cutting. Wheels that are not approved for your cut-off machine may be more likely to shatter, break or cause other problems, such as wheel wobble and/or increased reactive forces. Use only wheels with approved RPM ratings for your cut-off machine. Consult the instruction manual for your cut-off machine or your Esch sales rep for more information on blade safety.

Carbide Tipped, Woodcutting or Circular Saw Blades

WARNING - Never use carbide-tipped, woodcutting or circular saw blade on STIHL Cutquik cut-off machines. Such blades can greatly increase the risk of loss of control and cause severe or fatal injury from reactive forces, including kickback, blade contact or thrown objects/carbide tips.

Diamond Wheels with Abrasive Material on the Side

WARNING - Diamond wheels with abrasive material on the sides are not authorized by STIHL. Such abrasive material may increase reactive forces in a pinch situation and the risk of serious or fatal injury.