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Blade Flange Safety

  Cutting with handheld saws can come with many issues that a user needs to be aware of. Is the gas mixed correctly? Is the blade bolt tight? Do I have the proper safety equipment and ventilation? Do I have the right blade for the cutting application?

One item that can be commonly overlooked are the inner and outer blade flanges. Flanges are used in mounting the diamond/abrasive blade to the saw through which an arbor bolt fastens everything together. When deep sawing the flanges come in contact with the material being cut. The friction from the material can wear the flange edge razor sharp, creating a potential safety hazard. Caution should be used when dealing with worn blade flanges to prevent injury. It is important to replace your flanges if they appear to be worn.

Worn blade flanges also affect the cut you are getting with your saw. With worn blade flanges less support is given to the blade, which can possibly cause the blade to wobble over time. Wobbling may also be caused by unclean flanges. It is important to wipe any debris or sticker buildup from flanges to prevent blade wobble and give you a nice clean cut. Any lack of support by the blade flanges can cause the blade to deflect and lead to segment loss.

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