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Starting your Stihl TS 500i

  Fuel injection on the new Stihl TS 500i is a great innovation, however, some are still having issues getting their saw to start properly.


The issue we are witnessing both in the field and on the repair bench is knowing how to properly start the TS 500i, and the solution is simple: priming! On a cold start, the TS 500i must be primed 10-15 times. The same is true for when the saw has sat for any length of time, say more than 10 minutes. If it has sat for less than 10 minutes, priming at least 5 times should do the trick.

The reason priming on each start is necessary is because the injection system loses pressure over time. When the saw is hot some of the fuel may evaporate in the injection system. This causes poor starting if the primer bulb is not pushed. The manual primer bulb pressurizes the system, much like an electronic fuel pump pressurizes the fuel system on a vehicle.

You don’t have to worry about flooding your TS 500i by pushing the primer bulb, so Happy Priming!

For further information regarding the fuel injection system and beyond, please refer to your Stihl manual provided with every saw purchased.

The TS 500i has its primer bulb located on the same side as the fuel cap.


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