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Saw Safety: Top Reason for Diamond Blade Failure

Premature blade wear, segment loss, and blades out of round. These all too common failures can all be caused by a bouncing blade. The source? Using a blade with a bushing.

The solution? Eliminate bushings for optimal safety! Select a blade with the proper sized arbor to match your cut-off saw.

While cutting, vibrations can cause a blade bushing to become off-center or knock loose, which will make your blade bounce. Cracked or lost segments, cracked cores and segment breakout can all occur from a bouncing blade.

Damage to your saw is also possible. Cut-off saw blade guards and flanges often crack or break when a blade is bouncing, causing $200+ in necessary repairs.

So what arbor sizes do your cut-off saw blades need to be? It depends on your saw. Stihl saws always use a 20mm arbor. Husqvarna and most other saws use a 1" arbor.

The Boss Blade, EschXtreme and Do All Utility blades are the best-selling, safe Esch diamond blades, and are all available in both 1" and 20mm arbors. For additional blades available in both arbors, call us at (651) 487-1880 MN, (262) 888-1300 WI & IL, and (800) 233-8655 US.

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