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Product Spotlight: Husqvarna K 770

Launched in the summer of 2018, the new K 770 cut-off saw made way as the latest and greatest Husqvarna 14” cut-off saw. Always a fan favorite, Husqvarna was able to take the top qualities of the K 760 to create the K 770.

According to Husqvarna, the four main innovations on this saw include a magnesium cast crankcase, a digital ignition, a new clutch cooling fan, and a SmartTension™ system.

Husqvarna has redesigned the magnesium cast crankcase to provide an even more robust cutting arm from the previous model. This includes a three-bolt joint to enable a higher torsional rigidity and increase stability. Get the job done quick without worrying about wearing your arms out.

Digital ignition with optimized timing provides a powerful spark at precisely the right time. Enabling an easy start-up as well as efficient combustion. This design was a part of the K 760, however, the system was redesigned for better performance in the K 770.

The new clutch cooling fan keeps the temperature inside the belt cover lower to ensure a better life for the transmission and belt. Providing you with a longer lasting transmission from the cooler operating temperature.

The SmartTension™ always enables the most effective tensioning, providing optimal power to the transmission and prolonging the life of the blade. Allowing you to spend more time cutting and less time at the repair shop.

Husqvarna is continuously innovating to improve the already great K 760. When looking to replace your cut-off saw, make sure to consider the K 770.

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