Proper Inspection & Usage of Handheld Cut-Off Saws

Handheld Cut-off Saw Safety

Before using your cut-off saw (aka quickie saw), make sure to do a quick inspection.

  • Check the machine for loose or missing fasteners
    • Make sure to replace and/or tighten all screws and bolts.
  • Check the throttle trigger, trigger interlock, and stop switch to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Inspect the wheel guard to make sure it is properly mounter and doesn't have any cracks or other damage.
    • Never alter your cutoff machine's blade guard.
  • Inspect the wheel that you are using.
    • Make sure it is the proper wheel for the work you are doing.
    • Look for: missing segments, cracks in the blade's core, water saturation of abrasive wheels.
  • Make sure that your blade flanges are in good condition, and make sure the blade is properly mounted on the saw.
  • Make sure that your belt has been properly tensioned.


While Operating:

  • Hold the machine firmly with both hands.
  • Maintain good balance and stable footing.
  • Do not stand directly behind the plane of the blade.
  • Allow the blade to do the grinding, do not force the blade into the material.
  • Do not attempt to change the direction of the cut while the blade is in the cut, this can cause the blade to pinch and kickback.
  • Avoid cutting with the upper quadrant of the blade, this will result in a higher chance of kickback.
  • Do not cut above your head.


Cut Off Saw Best Practices